About Us

The ethos of Kissing Gate is based on a memory. A memory of leaning over a farm gate and kissing some unsuspecting person on the other side... probably my granny. It's about time, what will last and what we cherish.

Our store is your destination for essential women's wardrobe pieces, embodying timeless elegance, nonchalant chic, and effortless style. Our versatile collections cater to town, country, and coastal living, elevating everyday fashion with individuality and always on point. We take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainability, ensuring our premium garments stand the test of time through changing seasons. Our mission is to minimize our environmental footprint by working closely with suppliers who share our vision for an eco-friendly future. At Kissing Gate, our garments are made to last and be cherished, just like a kiss over a kissing gate.